Monday, 14 June 2010

Rosie O'Donnell & Friends - Helen Thomas Is Right

Obviously Rosie is probably and most likely going to get a lot of flack for this but I totally and utterly agree with her she spoke those words with no fear she has the guts & I salute you Rosie!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Feeling the Hate in Tel Aviv -- The Sequel to the Video YouTube Censored

You may or may have not seen a video on Youtube about the time Obama became president, the video was made by Max Blumenthal and Jesse Rosenfeld showing the reactions of Tel-Aviv residents, the reaction were somewhat disgusting, vile & racist. But guess what ? Surprise surprise after it reached approximately 400 k hits Youtube removed.

Well now there's a follow up to it, you need to see it and please do share:

How papers feed bigotry about Islam

Alan Wilson, Area Bishop of Buckingham, shows how an article originating in the Bucks Free Press, "High Wycombe Cemetery extension agreed for Muslim burials", was sexed up by the Daily Telegraph to produce a typical anti-Muslim piece headlined "Council spends £150,000 so Muslim graves can face Mecca".

Bishop Alan's Blog, 7 June 2010

Via The Wardman Wire

This is what happens when you rely on the Murdoch press for World Cup stories...

Mosque being built at ground zero - My view (UPDATE)

UPDATE: I found out that it's actually a communality center ? Woah me of all people should know not to trust the mainstream media. Below is a video recently added by AlJazeera English on Youtube, check it out.

There are a few tweets saying they would fly planes into the Mosque at Ground Zero whoa double standards?! Imagine these tweets were done by a Muslims, straight up they would probably be monitored & arrester on terrorism charges.

Here are SOME tweets related to this matter:

If that mosque is built at ground zero I have no qualms about learning to pilot a cessna so I can crash it into it.

@grammy620 Obama probably ordered a brand new prayer rug to use at the Ground Zero Mosque. Remember, he said we are NOT a Christian nation.

@WaylandSmalley A Mosque at ground zero will be a greater radical Muslim terrorist recruiting tool than Git-Mo ever was...#tcot #teaparty (14 people have actually retweeted this)

@dirtydog1776 NO ISLAMIC MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO..EVER! What an insult to America, Islam a religion of hatred, violence & intolerance, don't you get it? ... (Erm no I'm sorry I don't get it, care to elaborate?)

@kpsharon According to Islam, mosques on foreign soil are symbols of conquest . NO MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO! #tcot #p2 #teaparty #obama ..(Oh really? Thanks for telling me what I didn't know about my own religion, p.s this guy has a Israeli flag on his picture, well doesn't that just say it all)

I have so many points on this matter, FIRST off I personally don't even think Muslims in general agree with this mosque being built at ground zero I think & have a feeling that this has been blow out of proportion and that Zionists (who pretty much rule America) pushing it to keep turning everyone against Muslim's, and take the focus off Israel. I'm one of those people who believe 9/11 inside job done by the American government, so not the Muslims.

So on that point people who are saying this Mosque being built is going to be a breeding ground for terrorists..Please do give me one time where they has been a story about Muslims taking part in any terrorist activities etc in a mosque? ..Hmmm none didn't think so.

I saw a few comments & signs in protest from video on Youtube, things like; Would they let build a synagogue in America ? Okay One America is the 'land of the free' isn't it? Or has that suddenly gone out of your head ? .. & as for building synagogues I'm not sure there's any need considering there are probably no Jews in Saudi Arabia (I think) but what I do know is that in Islam interfaith dialogue is encouraged contrary to popular belief, as a rule Muslims do not hate Christians and Jews. As a matter-of-fact, Muslims have the same responsibility toward their non-Muslim neighbors as they do toward those who share the same faith.

And in fact one story related about the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, speaks about a Jewish neighbor that used to try to irritate him by throwing garbage in his way every day. One day, he walked out of his home to find no garbage. He immediately went to the woman's house and inquired about her to find that she was ill and he offered his assistance. She was so moved and at the same time ashamed of her actions at his concern after all she had done to him. This is a prime example of being a good neighbor.

Also Churches ARE built in Muslim countries here's an article based on this misconceptions of churches not being in Muslim countries & take note this amounts for the small Christian population;

I mean it amazes me the amount of ill informed gullible ignorant people that I have come across on videos comments tweets etc, I mean have you ever wondered why after 9/11 in the US it is estimated that approximately 30,000 converted annually? These people went out of their ways to not listen to islamophobic fascist NWO propaganda that is constantly shows on American news networks like CNN, Fox News etc and has dumbed down some of the American public (WOAH people still watch that shit?!) They actually saw Islam for what it really is ! I really really could go on & I've probably forgot a lot of things at the moment if I have anything else to say I will say it, but for now that is all.

Here's a video report from AlJazeera English just added:

The people attending the protest are nothing but Islamaphobes & racists ! Hence they started shoutung abuse at the Egyptian camera crew as soon as they heard them speaking Arabic, THAT IS VILE!

Lastly here's a Muslim opinion: